Publishing Services

Icon Media Group, as a part of its integral plan to create an excellent event, offers its clients a wide range of services in terms of media coverage and publishing. These services include providing a client with the elements that guarantee the recognition of his or her organized event in traditional media outlets and the modern ones, meaningly in social media.

Major Services - Publishing

  1. The Press Conference Services

    The press conference is held at a certain date before the event, the date is agreed upon with the client. The press conference is organized to introduce the event and to give the audience a chance to know it, along with its themes and goals. We handle all the details that are related to the conference; we prepare the hall with all the required technical and artistic devices, prepare a press release to be published in the different media outlets, in addition to providing the attendees with snacks, juice and hot drinks.

  2. Media Center Services

    We provide an integral media center. The center is prepared with all that journalists might need: Laptops, connection to internet, stationery, CDs and many other requirements.

  3. Media Coverage and Public Relations Services

    We tackle all that is related to news and media coverage by publishing a number of press releases, reports, interviews and promotions concerning the event; these are all published before and during the event and present all its practical dimensions and the news associated with it.

    Our media team, with the distinct academic and scientific knowledge it has, manages to cover all the event’s activities, photographing and publishing them in local and regional media outlets.  It also communicates with the concerned media entities to send their own teams to record the event’s activities according to their private policies in a manner that ensures its perfect coverage since the beginning till the end.

  4. Promotional Campaigns

    We offer to create various promotional campaigns according to the demands of each of the events we are organizing. The campaign includes a number of advertisements in newspapers, radio and television.

  5. Documentation and Media Archiving

    We offer to Document and archive all the news and articles that are published about the event in local, Arab, regional newspapers and print them in the form of a luxurious book according to the proposed models.

  1. Social Media

    We provide to design Facebook and Tweeter accounts, especially for the event. The two accounts will include all the event’s details. We will also answer all inquiries we get from the friends of the two accounts concerning any information they would like to know about the event. The two accounts will be activated a month before the event.

  2. Producing a Television and Radio Promotion

    We offer to produce a television and radio promotional slot to introduce the event and invite people to attend it. This service includes preparing the material, photography, montage and the final television and radio production.

  3. Preparing Documentaries about Conferences, Inaugurations and Opening Ceremonies

    We offer the production of a 5 minutes documentary to be presented in the opening ceremony. The short film introduces the event’s main theme and goals through which a number of principal guests, speakers and event officials speak. This service includes the preparation of the basic material, collecting photos, interviews, the process of production, photography, montage and direction.

  4. Website

    We offer to design a website specified for the event and all that relates to it. The details mentioned on the website include the following: The event’s date and place, registration method, the site map, the themes and the sessions of the event, information about the speakers, the organizer’s speech, the event’s and the sponsors’ logos, photo gallery, media publications and many other details. The website gets activated a month before the event.

  5. Programing and Managing the Event’s Website

    Designing and developing an interactive website for the event to market and promote it, present all its details, the possibility of registration and communication with the management of the event.

    The service includes the following: Preparing the content of the website in English and Arabic, designing the website and preparing it, the main page and its structure, the content of the pages, the technical content of the website, follow up and constant update, the possibility of direct registration and online payment,  search engines, the possibility of subscription in the service of news messages concerning the event, other internet connections, and the management and the development of the website.

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