Public Relations

To achieve the corporate communication we aim at, the public relations management in Icon Media Group will provide a team to follow up with the client’s executive management; the team will be responsible for all the required media services.

Major Services - Public Relations

  1. Public Relations Management

    • The preparation of public relations plans on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
    • Media management of exhibitions and events which the establishment is involved in.
    • Different media consultancies.
    • Designing promotional campaigns and implementing them.
    • Preparing and providing media coverage for events in Arabic and English.
    • Making interviews during the various national events and then distributing them to different media outlets.
    • Following up all media outlets.
    • Inviting the different media outlets to cover the organized events.
    • Preparing press releases.
    • Media coverage for different events and activities.
    • Issuing press statements on the different national occasions.
    • Follow up of the news and articles that are published concerning the different events
    • Various events and activities photography and archiving.
    • Outlining and writing articles and speeches about the different events in which the establishment participates.
    • Supervising the implementation of the different events and activities’ press conferences.
    • Arranging a number of television and radio interviews.
  2. Press File Services

    This service includes the preparation of a file that contains all that has been published about the establishment in the different media outlets.

  1. Corporate Identity Services

    • Preparing and implementing the artistic designs of media and promotional campaigns.
    • Total supervision of prints’ management and providing different designs of these prints. These prints include letterheads, business cards, folders, notebooks and the like. We also offer a constant update for these designs in a manner that corresponds to the market’s development with preserving the establishment’s original identity.
  2. Other Services

    • Offering plans and programs to support the efforts of the executive management which works in the domain of corporate communication.
    • Offering consultancies concerning the events and the businesses that are newly introduced in Icon Media Group’s work fields.
    • Supporting and supervising the implementation of promotional campaigns.
    • Assessment of competitive entities and suggesting ways to challenge competitors in agreement with the organizing establishment.
    • Offering media services which do support the promotional program aiming at creating a positive image of your activities.
    • Constant coordination and communication with the involved establishment to know its urgent promotional demands and public services.
    • Preparing quarterly or monthly periodic reports that reflect and represent the executed work.
    • Offering help and consultancies concerning newly introduced businesses and works.

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