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The group is specialized in the organization and the management of different events, including forums, conferences, meetings and exhibitions in the different cultural, economic, athletic and social domains and on the local, the regional and the international levels.

The group provides all the services related to the event, starting with the very first idea to the final phase of implementation, including the preparation of the event’s profile, themes, hosting speakers and experts, receiving guests, the organization of the event’s activities, providing the event’s prints and taking care of all media publication details.

Major Services - Event Organization

  1. Prints

    This service includes the creation of a special identity for the event we are organizing. The client can choose a specific model from a set of suggested samples. Creating this identity begins with designing the event's logo to be added to relating prints and publications.

  2. Identity Prints

    We design a wide set of prints which we use to introduce the event. These items carry the event’s logo and its thematic identity. We distribute the prints to guests and participants to keep them as a reminder of the event.

  3. Exhibitions, Theaters, Road Events Decor Services

    We design and implement various styles and forms of decor, doors and partitions and all that the event requires, including preparing and constructing a stage, exhibition suites decor and building different types of kiosks.

  4. Providing the Event’s hall

    We provide our clients with a luxurious hotel room for the organization of the event; we also supply the hall with all the required devices and elements to guarantee the event's success.

  1. The Opening Ceremony

    Organizing the opening ceremony includes presenting a film, speeches, honoring speakers and sponsors, souvenir photos, various activities according to the clients’ demands.  We also offer fireworks and laser for outdoor events.

  2. Participants and Attendees’ Invitation Services

    These services begin with designing an invitation card according to the event’s theme. After this, a process of distribution follows, we send the invitation to private and public establishments, as well as embassies, ministries, other concerned entities and well-known figures; this step starts long before launching the event.

  3. Signboards and Brochures

    Twenty days before the event, we fix a number of promotional signboards with the event’s logo, identity, date, as well as sponsors' logos, at the event’s venue entrance and the city’s main streets.

  4. Street Flags and Banners

    As a part of the event's promotional campaign, we design street banners with the event’s logo and main details, in addition to sponsors’ logos; we will fix these banners and flags at the main streets of the city where the event will take place.

  1. Directional signboards

    We will fix a set of directional signboards at the place where the event will take place; these boards will direct people to the event's hall, dining hall, parking and other fundamental locations.

  2. Event Official Catalogue

    We offer to design and print a book that contains all the details about the event and guests, which participants might need, in addition to the tourist information about the city’s prominent hotels, restaurants and flights, the photos of the speakers and their resumes, in English and Arabic, according to the models agreed upon on signing the contract.

  3. Event Documentary Book

    We offer to design and print a book documenting the event according to models proposed upon signing the contract. The book includes all the worksheets and is distributed to all the participants and concerned establishments once the event is finished.

  4. Receiving Guests and Participants Services

    According to the event’s main theme and the number of attendees, we construct a specific corner to welcome the event’s participants. We also provide a team, professional one, to guarantee the best reception of guests and audience.

    In this corner, we provide participants with the event’s publications, prints and souvenirs.

  1. VIPs and Guests Services

    We provide all the services relating to the participation of guests and VIPs from the different parts of the world. These services include airline tickets, accommodation, the reception and the transportation of the guests and speakers from and to the airport and, finally, providing the cars that will transfer them to the event’s venue and back.

  2. VIP Dinner and Dinner Hall Services (Conferences Only)

    We allocate a hall to provide guests and the audience attending the event with lunch. During the intervals, the attendees will have snacks, juice and hot drinks. As for the VIP dinner, we invite the principal attending personalities and guests to dinner on the event’s first day.

  3. Sponsors

    Resorting to a professional marketing team, we communicate with establishments, companies, governmental and private entities to be sponsors of the event. Conditions that the client and the sponsor agree upon regulate this partnership. 

  4. Media Personalities and Coordinators

    We provide a number of media personalities, professionals in leading discussions and managing various activities:  opening ceremonies, conference sessions, withdrawals and other actions. The suggested list includes well-known media personalities and broadcasters who work for different local and Arab satellite channels.

  1. Tours

    During the event's days, we offer guests and participants a number of daily tours; the function of these tours is to introduce guests and participants to the city's main sights. The service, in addition to transportation, includes hiring photographers to document the tours and the guests' best moments.

  2. The Associate Exhibition

    We offer to prepare and implement an exhibition to accompany the activities of the event; it includes a set of suites, according to the customer's desire. The size of the suite is 3x3 meters with a table and two chairs in each one of them, along with electrical cables and lighting.

    The service includes: Logistic services, providing the suites, pre-installation services, post-installation services, electrical cables, floors (carpeting), the red carpet at the main entrance, ribbon and flowers.

  3. Staff and Secretaries

    We provide a staff of at least 20 employees to be in control of the event's activities and details.

    The service is about the following: Receiving the audience, registering and organizing the audience's entrance into the event's venue, receiving guests and main speakers, managing sessions and workshops, logistics, a team of secretaries, distributing prints and publications, providing stationery. 

  4. Photography and TV. Coverage Services

    We contact with various media establishments to transfer the event’s activities to screens inside and outside the conference hall. We photograph the whole event, from the beginning to the end, archive it on CDs, make it into copies, and finally send it to clients.

  1. Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation Services

    Most events host speakers and experts from different parts of the world, the thing which demands the services of simultaneous interpretation of the languages used throughout the event. We prepare translation rooms technically and artistically and provide proficient interpreters and the needed headsets for the audience. 

  2. Souvenirs

    This service includes offering the event’s guests and participants a number of gifts that represent its identity. We also add the logos of the event and its sponsors to these gifts, which vary according to the clients’ demands.

  3. Trophies

    Inspired by the event’s identity and goals, we design trophies; the client will have a wide set of designs to choose from.  Guests, principal characters, speakers and the representatives of the sponsoring entities will receive these trophies for their efforts during the event.

  4. Post Event Services

    These services include the following:

    • We offer to send letters to participant institutions with copies of all event’s photos and videos to thank them for their presence; we also print and distribute attendance certificates, which we send by Express mail.
    • We distribute the event’s official catalog to participant establishments.
    • We distribute the event’s photo catalog to participant establishments.
    • We issue a media report that covers news, comments, interviews and publications which different media outlets have published about the event.
    • We prepare an evaluation form which covers the event's general activities, in addition to the opinions of participants, their comments and suggestions.

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