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Icon Media Group is important due to its existence in Turkey taking into consideration that this country is now a source of magnificent attraction and a global center where many projects, in different fields, are constantly implemented; it is also a location for a number of different and varying conferences and exhibitions, which cover many vital and fundamental domains.

The Turkish market is distinct because it is multidimensional in terms of the events it presents, let them be official, private, events dedicated to a specific audience with a sense of privacy; a sense which serves the goals of the event in the best manner and guarantees its perfect execution to suit the clients’ demands and please them, or public which are more general in their orientations, open and could be attended by all, rather than a specific audience.

Taking into consideration the ambitious and the rapidly developing Turkish market, developing in different domains, the establishment of development companies and conferences organization companies became a need;  as a result, many companies started to appear among which is Icon Media Group.

Icon Media Group, in its turn, organizes conferences, exhibitions and events handling them from zero point till the end; it also contributes to the activation of many trade, tourist and economic sectors, thus, becomes a part of the trade and economic movement and plays a fundamental role in the process of overall development.  Resorting to a team of well-trained media professionals, Icon Media Group seeks excellence and presents an integrated concept of corporate communication services and public relations consultancies.

Icon Media Group provides its services according to the latest methods and expertise in this field in correlation with the Arab traditions and habits. It also excels in understanding the various needs of the market. In Icon Media Group, we have a long experience in dealing with various regional and international establishments. This experience helps us define the type and the nature of a business and the required means to develop it in accordance with the demands of the local market.

Our increasing experience in understanding the miniature conditions of the region and its applied methods of work is the factor that set us apart from other public relations companies, which adopt imported work approaches that do not consider the privacies of our region; successful work approaches in some parts of the world would not work in other parts.

Although the Arab region is featured with certain traditions, morals and concepts and is described as sensitive, it attracts audiences from various races and cultures. The failure to understand the moral and behavioral distinctness of our region has led to the misconception of the messages offered by many media campaigns.

Icon Media Group is a multi-objective and tools regional group developing and advancing in line with the development the region is witnessing. This allows it to outline and question, properly, to choose work’s most successful methods. As a part of our services in the domain of public relations aiming at an effective marketing of our clients’ products, Icon Media Group (Public Relations Corporation) specializes in the production and the organization of various and different events.   The corporation’s strategy in that domain is constantly developing in a manner that guarantees an accurate and effective reception of its message by the targeted audience.

Our company strives to satisfy our clients from public and private sectors, the thing which reinforces its existence in the Turkish market and helps it to grow regionally and internationally in the future.

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