In Icon Media Group, we prepare and coordinate innovative methods of advertising to enhance the status and image of our clients and their products in media and the public opinion. The organization of events is a fundamental direct method of delivering a message to media. Icon Media Group has a unique way of organizing the events of establishments which aim to improve their status through such initiatives.

Modern establishments cannot work in isolation from their surroundings; therefore, they have always to build long-term partnerships with their communities to guarantee a constant success. Establishments’ social responsibility does not take the form of words only; around the world, there are many establishments that take exquisite care of clients, their demands and requirements. This exquisite care and interest are creating a new concept which establishments should follow.

In Icon Media Group, we believe in the necessity of cooperation to activate the social role that companies are supposed to play; a role that guarantees a deeper understanding of their practical activities in a manner that is both integral and transparent. We have already cooperated with many leading companies desiring to have a wide positive role serving their societies.

Among its core services, our group offers a follow-up of every single press release involving our clients in the different media outlets; let them be visual, audio, printed or electronic. We also follow up news about competing companies.

We prepare news reports about the various activities which are central to our clients. We provide them, thus, with an integral image of what is going on in the market and media and help them make the best use of their time. We also do marketing communication which is the sort of communication that cannot be overlooked between the company, its customers, partners and shareholders. In this field, the group tends to develop different marketing plans and strategies, promotions, packaging solutions, selling posters, trade exhibitions, and all other events that would be of interest to our customers.

One of our group’s distinct traits is its ability to market our clients’ products creatively, with a specific regard to whom it is directed. In addition to this, our group develops integral marketing plans for products with trademarks; these plans aim to market the product and enhance it when introduced to customers. As for the manner of representing these trademarks, we depend on accuracy in creating promotions to ensure a proper definition of the product and support its presence in the market.

We also offer our customers the organization of huge and effective promotional campaigns. Through these campaigns, products guarantee a leading position in the market and are better introduced to the customers the thing which in its turn will increase the demand to purchase them.

Our Previous Projects

Icon Media Group has a very long experience. Through 25 successive years, the establishment organized and supervised the organization of many events, conferences, local and international exhibitions in almost all the countries of the Gulf region, in addition to many events in France and England. The establishment has supervised local, regional and international events that belong to different domains. Icon Media Group also has an accumulative experience in media and its different outlets and the manners through which universal events are presented.

Group Goals

Icon Media Group aims to play a vital role in the organization of events and exhibitions and hosting international conferences in a professional manner that corresponds to the various developments witnessed by the country. It also aims to invest its members’ innovative and creative skills and abilities in the different domains of work to keep presenting all that is new and novel.

The group also seeks to support work mechanics and focuses on the development of its members’ skills to, accordingly, exert a change in the quantity and quality of production; it also seeks to increase its members’ competency and sharpen their functional skills to reach a level of efficiency known only in the developed countries.

Group Message

The content of our message centralizes in our desire to achieve our goals according to the international standard of quality. We also aim to enhance the process of social advancement and development to reach a multidimensional growth that includes the different domains of work; thus, we look forward to being up to our customers’ expectations, their first choice and an idol to be followed in terms of quality, competence and integrity.

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